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Let’s mark out a path to a better career. We explore how to “self accommodate” so you can maintain your independence.

Starting a Career

Let us help you reduce anxiety about moving and your first professional gig. If you're looking, we can team up to accelerate your job search.

College Students

We help college students get academic accommodations, provide referrals for assessment and access campus resources to increase academic success.

Students and Families

We guide parents and students through the K-12 maze. Let's talk about resources your school district might provide. We can also work on social skills, study habits, increasing independence, and future career interests.

Business Creators

Your creative ability can be the start of a whole new opportunity for the local economy. We would love to be part of your team and future success!


online career counseling

Accessible Career provides online career counseling for students and their families, college students, starting your career, and professionals changing careers. Dedicated to helping you from wherever you are in Texas, we provide online therapy. We also offer evening and weekend appointment times. You may be struggling while working with depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, and/or AD/HD. Whether you are looking to get started or change careers, we can help you create a way forward. 

Not sure how to get online career help?

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed to go to work? Are you feeling down about your job hunt? You go to your interview with a pounding heart and sweaty palms. You are so nervous when you interview to the point that you panic. Sometimes all you can manage is a part-time job, but it is not enough to make bills. You have a tough time finding job listings that match your skills. When the phone doesn't ring, you wonder, "What's wrong with me?" Those old messages from your teachers and friends creep into your mind. You wonder if they are true. But you DO have a lot to offer in spite of what others have told you. Accessible Career and you can work together to create a path forward at your own pace.

As a parent,  you trying to figure out how to change your son's mind when he tells you he's only going to be a game designer. You wonder what will happen to your son or daughter with Asperger's after you're gone. You think if they could just get a degree, they can get a job. If your adult student isn't headed to college, you're concerned about what's out there for them. You may ask, "How do I help them to live independently?" Believe it or not, there are several ways. Accessible Career and your family can work together to come up with a plan that increases success.

planning with online career counseling

Now imagine looking at your phone and seeing a message from someone who interviewed you. You listen to the message and your heart starts pounding! The company offered you the job. But there's more. You smile because you remember you have two other interviews later in the week. Someone recently advised you to say, "I need 72 hours to think over the offer." Then you smile because the salary offered was more than you requested! You realize you have choices. And you feel powerful.

When you're going through a life transition, you need someone you trust to listen to your deepest dreams and wishes. Maybe you need a safe place to bounce ideas back and forth. You don't want someone to tell you what to do. You've had enough of the Debby Downer's telling you what's wrong with your ideas. You'd rather have support while you're making a move you worry is risky. Someone who sees the tremendous upside in your next move. Talking to someone about your dreams and goals can help sort things out. Let's remove obstacles, make a plan, and track your progress. If you are ready to:

Accessible Career and you can meet with a secure telehealth platform that can help you with workplace issues and improving your career options. You and your counselor will take a look at your education, work history, and values. If you and your counselor determine that is will be helpful, you can also use career assessments to provide more information on your career interests. When you both narrow your options and choose one, you will create a plan with next steps including future education, internships, part-time work, and/or starting a business of your own. You can meet periodically with Accessible Career to stay on track and transition into your career.

Let us help you navigate your career and remove potential roadblocks. Call now for a free consultation

A smiling photo of Stacey Frith-Smith is displayed. Stacey Frith-Smith is a career coach in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.

Stacey Frith-Smith

Certified Professional Coach

Stacey from Mindful Refocus works with clients to transfer skills to the workplace. She consults with each client and works onsite when needed.

Brian Turnbow, MDiv, CCDAA

Career Development Associate

Brian is our career assessment specialist that provides Accessible Career clients a view of their interests, values, style, and workplace preferences that can help to launch a successful career.


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