We work with

Students and Families

We guide parents and students through the K-12 maze. Let's talk about resources your school district might provide. We can also work on social skills, study habits, increasing independence, and future career interests.

College Students

We help college students get academic accommodations, provide referrals for assessment and access campus resources to increase academic success.

Starting a Career

Let us help you reduce anxiety about moving and your first professional gig. If you're looking, we can team up to accelerate your job search.


Let’s mark out a path to a better career. We explore how to “self accommodate” so you can maintain your independence.

Let’s celebrate your success

Accessible Career provides counseling in the Houston Heights for students and their families, college students, starting your career, and professionals building a better career. Located just north of I10 on Yale, we offer convenient appointment times.  

You may be struggling with work and depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, and/or AD/HD. It gets hard at times. Or you’re having a hard time getting started. It can be a lot to handle!

Counseling in the Houston Heights

Now imagine if you had the right plan for you. You have someone to bounce ideas back and forth in a safe work space. Talking to someone about your dreams and goals can help sort things out. Let’s remove obstacles, make a plan, and track your progress. If you are ready to:

Let us help you navigate your career and remove potential roadblocks. Call now for a free consultation.

Stacey Frith-Smith

Job Coach

Stacey works with clients to transfer skills to the workplace. She consults with each client and works onsite when needed.


for college, career, and starting a business

I Graduated! Now what?

First of all, congratulations!  You have completed your educational goal and you’re on to the next phase. So how do you get your career started? First, let me ask you a couple questions. Does your Read more


Succeed in College with Depression

Rates of anxiety and depression are increasing for students attending college. Trying to make it through the semester or even to keep going to college can seem impossible. Depressive episodes can take over life. You Read more

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