We struggle with how to create a personal brand. It sounds like the latest "career-speak". But marketing ourselves is a critical step in launching a career. We are a "business of one". The following resources can help you get started!

Personal branding is not so much about what not to do, but there are comon mistakes to avoid. Liz Ryan from the Human Workplace tells us what to avoid. Kandia Johnson at Black Enterprise discusses the impacts if you fail to do these five things. She stresses the importance of connecting in person, first.

Personal Branding in 2018

Yet in 2018, building a personal brand separate from your company, separate from the organization where you work, separate from your volunteer pursuits is critical. Here are a few articles for 2018 to get you started:

Twelve Ways to Elevate Your Personal Brand in 2018 by Jonathan Long at Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Personal Branding is Non-Negotiable for 2018 by Andrew Medal at Entrepreneur

2018 Personal Branding Strategies For The Corporate World by Loy Machedo at Medium asks you critical questions to take action for 2018.

John Hall over at Forbes recommends investing in yourself through personal branding. Industry leaders find it necessary to add a budget for personal branding and even request a certain amount monthly as an employment benefit.

Some of the first steps you might consider would be:

  1. Invest in getting a professional portrait taken dressed for an interview or your best professional dress. Consistently display this photo on all of your online outlets. You should show the same photo on LinkedIn, your website, your professional Facebook page, and other professional webpages.
  2. Create a personal blog that shares your insights on your industry.
  3. Offer a free, downloadable article, infographic, white paper or newsletter to collect e-mail addresses and build a following. Be sure to consistently provide further content to keep your followers engaged.

What other tips might you offer to build your personal brand?



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