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It can be challenging to find reasons to start a business while living with a disability. But we want you to think about the five reasons why you should start a side hustle today. As you dream about finding a better work-life balance, imagine some of the perks that come when you are your own boss.

You may find that a professional full-time job does not give you the schedule that allows you to maintain your energy reserves. Full-time jobs require at least 40 hours. While you can request accommodations for schedule and leave, the energy just may not be there to meet to essential job requirements. You might consider these five reasons to start a business while living with a disability.

Owning a focused business that allows you to maintain the right schedule can offer you an alternative to full-time employment for another firm. However, to create a business that does not take over your life, you will need to start with the end in mind and focus on one niche.

great reasons to start a business today!

Some of the advantages to owning your own business include:

  1. Balance - If the focus of your business is to maintain a healthy balance between business demands and your health, you can grow the business at a rate that is sustainable. Focus on a niche does not eliminate paying customers; rather, you become an expert who works with clients you choose who love your firm.
  2. Schedule - If you work with select clientele, your customers will pay well for your expertise allowing you to charge more per hour or product unit. More income in fewer hours provides you a schedule that works.
  3. Desired income - Part-time professional rarely offer an hourly wage that matches the skills of the person in the position. Owning your own business allows you to grow your income as your business grows.
  4. Opportunity - Getting past the interview process can be challenging for the most confident among us. Creating your own business can allow you to market yourself in unconventional ways.
  5. Passion - If you create a successful business fueled by your passion, you make a positive statement about living with a disability. Your success informs others, advocates for professionals living with disabilities, and educates others.

Creating a business can meet several goals. Whether you freelance, offer a service, or craft an item to sell on Etsy, you are a solo entrepreneur and growth may be limited to your available hours. Consider building a business based on systems that functions without you filling every role.

Whether you start a business or choose to work for another firm, you can grow your business skills to further your career.

why you should start a side hustle

Being employed still offers you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. As a career entrepreneur, you direct your career in a planned way. You can market your own personal brand, develop your niche (specialty), network with future employers, and become known as an expert in your field. Employers will seek you out because of your effective marketing when their position matches your expertise.

challenges of starting a business

Being employed full time comes with a steady earnings and benefits. Knowing what your income will be has advantages over the upside potential of owning your business. Business owner challenges can include:

  • Benefits - One benefit of a full-time professional job is the availability of paid leave and medical insurance. However, if you life-health balance does not allow you to work full time, part-time jobs with benefits are rare. Owning a business that is properly structured can provide you a good income on fewer hours worked.
  • Needing help to grow -  Gene Marks at describes the "Myth of a Successful One Person Business." If you run your business without getting the help you may need, you will probably burn out. Some ways that can help you through the growth phase of your business includes:
    1. Find a partner that balances your skills
    2. Get coaching from a trusted partner
    3. Hire a part-time assistant (in vivo or virtual) for specific tasks
    4. Outsource demanding projects
    5. Focus on your niche market - only accept customers that will adore your product or service
    6. Refer clients to others to fuel simultaneous growth
  • Energy - if you are already lagging in energy, you may wonder how you can run and grow a business. Become the master of delegation! With carefully thought out processes, you can hire assistants, in person or virtual, that can multiply your effectiveness and allow you to focus on owning a business, not running it.
  • Stable income - when you are first starting, you may find it difficult to cover bills from month-to-month. You may need to find a part-time job to establish a basic income.

Whatever the challenges, realizing that you have more that one way to grow your career is empowering.

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