What determines your success?

Jeff Haden over at Inc.com gave a shout-out to J.K.Rowling for responding to a tweet from a discouraged writer. J.K. Rowling talks success despite once being depressed single mom. Her tweeted response?

“Don’t write like me. Write like you. Nobody else can do that. Finish that book.”

But, as Inc. reports, people may not know that her wildly successful, plus $1billion career was preceded by “clinical depression and occasional thoughts of suicide“. As a single mother on welfare benefits, she struggled to support her one year old daughter.

At one point, she decided to “finish the only work that ever mattered.”

J.K Rowling’s greatest failure

And, while the rest isn’t history (yet), she remains an iconic figure of success. In an article by Michael Schaub, she has shared her own struggles with the LA Times and reminds people of the rejection letters she has received.  However, most of us believe she has always been successful.

Or worse, that failure does not affect her presently. J.K. Rowling would remind you that, at one point, she considered herself “the greatest failure” she knew. Despite depression and being on welfare, she went on to finish without giving up. Her consistency is her success.

What would it take for you to see your own success? What passion would become your “only work that ever mattered”?

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