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Job seekers believe that it should be easy to find a job in a hot job market. So you ask yourself, "Why can't I find a job?" But, as J.T. O'Donnell remarks in her Inc. article, The Psychological Impact of Job Search in 2019job hunting is harder because everyone is trading up. There are actually more people looking for work than in a down job market.

Now, I'm sure you aren't afraid of a little competition. But when you believe that the job hunt should be shorter and faster with plenty of opportunities, you may not gear up for a sustained job hunt. You are probably employed currently, albeit underemployed. But working full time while looking can take it's toll.

depressed while job hunting

You can feel stuck. Because you're not getting as many interviews, you may feel down. You may even have to pass up job prospects when your schedule does not align with the interviewer. What began as excitement becomes a boring, draining project. You may even give up on your job hunt.

Whoever thought you might need help finding a job when the market is booming?!? You're networking, you're customizing your resume, and you even tried a "disruptive" cover letter. If you began by having someone else do your resume, try writing it yourself.

J.T. O'Donnell over at WorkItDaily recommends five essential things to have in your resume:

You feel like you're doing everything that you have been told to do. But you don't have the job offer you want yet. How can you prepare yourself to upgrade your job before the next downturn in the market comes? Early in 2019 may still be a great time to get that promotion. We have listed four things below that may help you get going (again).

how can I find a job?

When you are struggling with whether or not to continue job hunting, it is important to review what you believe. Update how you think about the job hunt. Do some research to select the best next career steps for you. Then you can excel with the right mindset and ace the interview! Let's look at the truth about hunting in a job market with a lot of opportunities.

  1. It will take more time. - Be honest. You hope that the job hunt will take less time than might be necessary. In a hot market, more job seekers will compete for the same jobs. In a recession, you will be fighting others out of work applying for the few positions available. You may not be able to wait until a "just right" market.
  2. You must take care of yourself - Job hunting in any market is tough. Self-care is more than just sleeping right, eating right, and exercising. Avoid the "nay-sayers", those that do not support you. Invest is therapy as you job hunt. Limit the hours that you hunt and set reasonable goals each week. Take a break for a month then start fresh.
  3. Update your job hunt skills - Consider a wide variety of job sources: informational interviewing, remote jobs, social media (other than LinkedIn), niche job boards, professional association job boards, and your former college's job board. Join Facebook groups for your local area and profession.
  4. Expect a rigorous interview process - Employers in 2019 are using longer interview processes. In part, because they receive more applications than ever, companies want to find candidates that match company culture as well as skill fit. Remember that, if you got the interview, the firm believes you have the skills to do the job. Research the company. Please, please, please don't embarrass yourself by not having pertinent questions for the interviewer. Practice your behavioral interview questions and consider learning a single model for answering. Work on your video and phone interview, and never stop looking until you have a job offer letter in your hand.
Black man looking for a job wearing sunglasses. Counseling in the Houston Heights to help you find a job in a hot job market.

sticking with it

You will find the job hunt easier to maintain while you do have a job. But, you will need support to maintain the search while you are working and living your life (with your family). If you live with anxiety, depression, AD/HD, autism/Asperger's or other conditions, it can be hard to search for a position without someone to guide you. Or, you might try some self-paced career coaching if your budget doesn't allow for weekly meetings. Accessible Career does offer affordable options.

Even when you're not actively hunting, (and I know you may hate hearing it), you need to be networking. Keep current with what is going on in your field. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Consider getting a new picture each year. Make it a New Year's event. Learn a new skill or tool this year. Most of all, believe in yourself, your skills, and your abilities despite what others tell you to believe.


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