When you are considering career guidance in Houston or getting career coaching via Zoom, we know that you have a lot of options available. Folks are advertising coaching and counseling and's time consuming to decide who you can trust. We want to clarify how two types of professionals can speed up your next steps.

does career guidance work for everyone?

You have a lot of options available to help you with your job hunt to move your career forward. Self-paced career coaching, in-person or online, professional guidance, agencies, support groups, or friends provide many levels of support. But what if you need more than just updating your resume or adding your latest job to LinkedIn? You may wonder who can help you the most. If you are thinking about working with a certified career professional, you want to have a good fit.

what are the types of career guidance?

Have you ever thought this way? All the good ones are taken! You see an attractive, seemingly intelligent person… but they have a wedding ring on!  Or you put your resume in for a job posting that’s a PERFECT fit and they decide to hire internally.  Maybe you’ve even tried to order the daily special at your favorite restaurant and they’ve actually managed to run out!  Certainly, many good things in life aren’t just up for grabs.  It takes work, persistence, skill and strategy.  

let's admit the truth about careers

It’s not always going to work out on the first try! But career coaching does provide you career guidance in Houston. Our goal is to bring you a vehicle that lets you gain insight, get answers and groove your way forward in the home, on the job and in the social sphere. Career professionals at Accessible Career are on a journey of personal and professional growth and YOU are invited to join us for the ride!  

Now the blog title we wanted was “Coach and Couch”.  (Get it?  Couches are what counseling clients often sit on!)  Nope.  Okay- “Coach & Couch”?  Nope. Taken and no ampersands in domain names accepted.  “Coach and Couch: A Collaboration Towards Clarity”?  Meh.  Maybe.  It’s the working title.  And- here we are!  Blog One!  

career guidance: coaching

You might be wondering why on earth you should read our stuff? That’s an awesome question!  We’re going to have tidbits to go for you:  actionable nuggets of learning that you can grab-n-go.  Nobody has time for a dissertation today.  Bottom line.  That’s the premise we’re operating under here.  So the style is going to be chatty, but we promise to avoid trying to bury the lead.  You know the marketing stuff that is verbal vomit, right?  You keep reading and reading and hoping that some value will appear before you die of boredom and frustration.  It can be enraging to lose too much time.  Okay, let’s get to it! 

dealing with change

Today’s Tidbit IS…:  change, it’s up to you to decide if it’s splendid or if it sucks.  “Whaddya mean?  I HATE change…”  (I can hear some of my friends kind of whining up in here.)  So- imagine that you’re playing your favorite computer game and the screen freezes up!  No action, no chance to get your points or your lives or coins or whatever.  You’ll be tempted to pound the gaming system.  (Now, DON”T, obviously.  No need to break it.)  

Picture of two people meeting over coffee. Weekend and evening counseling appointments available at Accessible Career for career coaching

But that’s the basic argument for “No! I hate change!  It S-U-C-K-S!”.  But that’s not how games work.  Change is ongoing.  If the screen is static, it’s horrible!  You’re on the field of play. You’re already engaged and you’re done configuring your characters and dealing with the basics. Now it's time and you are ready to GO!  How’s that different than real life?  Look, even if it’s comforting to keep some things the same, not everything should remain the same.  (Or even can.)  

Because, planet spinning, galaxy moving, time advancing, universe expanding!  So, how do you deal?  (With change?)  You get GOOD at doing life!  Just like you master gaming, or sports, or cooking or art or your THING- whatever THAT is… you’ve got to master other stuff too.  Life.  Master that thing!  It’s the ultimate challenge.  In that sense, it’s the ultimate game.  And you can love it or you can hate it.  But it’s easier to get good at something if you try to love it.  Or at least like it! 

getting unstuck

What happens when you get stuck?  In gaming, if you’re stuck, what do you do?  Work the controllers, check out some videos, chat with some friends and figure it out.  Does anybody get out of a game with a great score the first time?  Not often, right!  The score isn’t there to judge you and tell you how many mistakes you’ve made.  It’s there to tell you how far you’ve come and how good you have gotten, right?  

What happens when you get stuck in life?  Work your controllers (your body and brain), check out some videos (seriously, the internet helps!), chat with some friends (SOMEBODY else has had this problem, too!) and figure it out (use your resources, ALL of them).  Accept that everyone make mistakes.  Next, you will assess what to do next.  In the end, you’ll try again.  A LOT.  That’s good.  That’s the game we have going on.  

There are great prizes.  (Friends, money to spend, other important stuff.)  There are great opportunities.  (Who you marry, where you work, what kind of life you choose.)  But- you have to get in the game.  Sitting on the sidelines may give you a break.  Every player takes time out on the sports field.  Every player puts the controller down at times.  

But no engagement means that no points are going up on the board and no prizes are coming your way.  So when you feel down and discouraged, remind yourself, it’s a learning process.  Nobody gets it right the first time.  Nobody gets it right all of the time. Keep trying.  Keep playing.  It’s really worth it in the end!  

If you need a friendly and supportive people to help you figure out how to be the best possible you - connect with us!  We’re here to help with career guidance in Houston or online: whatever works best for you!  

Two woman talk to each other. They are feel happier after starting online career coaching in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.

career guidance: counseling

Career counseling involves a bit more breadth than career coaching. So when you search for "career guidance in Houston," which one do you choose? When do you need counseling and when do you need coaching?

Counselors often provide similar support but have skills as a therapist to support your mental health. Counseling offers the opportunity for you to remove roadblocks for things that stop or derail your career. Whether you have a tragic personal loss, a bout of depression, struggle with alcohol, or attention difficulties from ADHD, career counseling may provide you new skills to increase your success at work.

let's help you find both a career you love and a great company culture

Career guidance in Houston can help you find what you are interested in and what type of company may be fun for you. But career counseling can go further. It can help you find out what is stopping you and how to deal with it. Bad performance reviews, getting fired, being laid off are events that can crush your self-confidence. Let's develop a plan to remove barriers. You may learn some new skills to help you speed up your career growth and better your performance.

your mental health can also play a big role in your career

Trauma, anxiety, depression, and other conditions may stop you temporarily. Working with a counselor can provide perspective and help you decide if a break is right for you. Your counselor can help you heal and get back on track. You can talk confidentially about a toxic work environment. We can plan a transition to a better setting. You and your counselor can keep the personal stuff away from your boss. At the right time, you can transfer to a coach to keep your plan on track and practice your new skills.

career guidance in Houston

With Accessible Career, we don't tell you what career guidance in Houston works best in your case. Let's get together and see whether coaching or counseling is right for you. You may benefit from other services as well. Accessible Career offers a variety of supports that we can tailor for you such as:

We offer a full range of assistance that can shorten your career search and keep you on track. When you reach out, you can ask us questions before you set an appointment. Let's go over your options and help you determine if we are a fit for you.

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