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You may feel like your current job is just not what you had hoped it would be. You loved your job. Or you took this job because that was all you were offered at the time. After years in this job, you thought things would be better by now. If you took a different job, you would move further in your career.

Your condition stalls your carer progress (you think). It could be depression, AD/HD, anxiety, autism, dyslexia, or a health condition. Something that reminds you every day that your coworkers don't understand. You either don't talk or everything came tumbling out and now it is awkward. Make a change. But you don't have the energy to randomly start looking for another job. What if the new job is worse than this one? What if they find out?

You can find a job where they appreciate your talents; one you may like. You can start a confidential job search with some guidance that better fits your talents. You might even enjoy showing up every day. Let's get together and start planning your search

Changing Careers

Maybe you're dreaming of starting your own business. Or you would like to become independent; a consultant. You want to be your own boss.

You could be thinking you would like a boss that appreciates you; that respects you. Often, you may be tired of dragging yourself to work every day feeling worn out and unmotivated. First, you want to make a change but you just don't have the energy. Then, you're scared to rock the boat and try to make things better where you are. Finally, you're not sure how to get started.

Working toward being your own boss takes some time to plan and execute. It is possible for you to build a career you enjoy as your own boss. Then, you can control your time, your finances, and your career. We'll support you while you make the transition and become your own CEO. Let's start working on that transition.

A Better Career

We want to put some hope back into your career and job search. Let's find some balance between your work and your health (mental and physical). Let's empower you to make decisions that increase your self-care, self-confidence, and value as a professional. We want to help you see what you have to offer. At Accessible Career, we're prepared to talk about both the condition you live with every day and your career.

Accessible Career provides career counseling in Houston Heights. If you live with ADHD or ADD, autism spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, or dyslexia, we team up with you to get started.

Counseling in the Houston Heights available evenings and weekends

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