Let me tell you a bit more about myself before you decide to work with me.

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about Kim as a counselor

  • I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) licensed in Texas (license #70157)
  • I serve as a disability services professional at a major university
  • To get new professionals started, I have managed higher education internships for four years
  • I have 20 years experience working in large and small companies as an information technology professional and four years as a project manager
  • I focus on strengths when putting a career plan together
  • I have made two major career transitions
  • As a supervisor, I have hired people living with disabilities
  • I educate other professionals, companies, organizations, and students about professionals living with disabilities
  • While I have a strong background working with AD/HD, autism spectrum disorders, hearing impairments, psychiatric disorders, learning disabilities, and some health conditions, I will ask you to help me better understand how your condition(s) impact(s) your career

Working with resilient professionals and hearing their success stories drives my passion for helping you achieve your fullest potential despite setbacks and challenges.

about Kim @ Accessible Career

You may wonder how Accessible Career got started. I (Kim Parker, MA, LPC (Texas #70157) formed Accessible Career in 2017 to help recent college graduates who live with disabilities to launch a career they love. I work at an area university in the disability services office and I enjoy helping students complete their education. However, I noticed that students, particularly those with autism spectrum disorders, struggle to get that first professional job. So I coach students toward launching their career. But I also  provide counseling for mental wellness.

For professionals that struggle to balance a full time job and their health, I want to explore options. If someone would make better money starting their own business, I will share what I've learned starting a practice. I am willing to have the hard conversations about exiting the work world if needed.

about Kim as a computer professional

As a computer professional for twenty years, I often mentored others. I wanted to continue to help college grads as they get started. My heart is for those living with conditions that affect work and life. I believe they have a as much as anyone to offer a company, oftentimes more. It's fun to show them how to get their foot in the door. Next time I hear from them, they are working in their chosen career.

Often, it helps to have a guide to navigate the process of accommodations on the job. You can talk with a third-party in safety about your options. What you share with us stays in our offices. You can say things to us that you would not say to your boss. Give us a call to find a better career.

I am excited to work with you to help you find a career you love.

To get more info, schedule a free phone consultation.