Let me tell you a bit more about myself before you decide to work with me.

Photo of Kim Parker

My professional background

  • I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) licensed in Texas (license #70157)
  • I serve as a disability services professional at a major university
  • To get new professionals started, I have managed higher education internships for four years
  • I have 20 years experience working in large and small companies as an information technology professional and four years as a project manager
  • I focus on strengths when putting a career plan together
  • I have made two major career transitions
  • As a supervisor, I have hired people living with disabilities
  • I educate other professionals, companies, organizations, and students about professionals living with disabilities
  • While I have a strong background working with AD/HD, autism spectrum disorders, hearing impairments, psychiatric disorders, learning disabilities, and some health conditions, I will ask you to help me better understand how your condition(s) impact(s) your career

Working with resilient professionals and hearing their success stories drives my passion for helping you achieve your fullest potential despite setbacks and challenges.

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