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affordable counseling near me

Accessible Career offers both in-person and teletherapy or online appointments Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday afternoons/early evenings and some Saturday mornings. If you are in the Houston area, an in-person meeting is preferred before starting teletherapy.

Accessible Career accepts a variety of ways to pay for sessions.

  1. Private pay. Clients without insurance or private pay clients provide the full fee at the beginning of the appointment. 
  2. Reduced-fee scholarships. Accessible Career offers a limited number of reduced-fee scholarships for three months (renewable). We don't want the sessions and rates to be a barrier. If you typed "affordable counseling near me", we offer some reduced-fee spots when you provide some financial info.
  3. In-network insurance. We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Aetna. You pay the contracted insurance session fee until your deductible is met, then you can pay your copay and/or coinsurance. Contact your insurance company to understand your benefits before scheduling your first appointment.
  4. Out of network insurance. We are out of network with United Healthcare, Magellan, Cigna, and most other carriers. If available, you can use your insurance out-of-network behavioral health benefits. You pay our full fee at the beginning of the session and we provide you a statement for potential reimbursement. Contact your insurance company to understand your benefits before scheduling your first appointment.
  5. Accessible Career does not accept Medicaid or Medicare currently.

Request an appointment at Accessible Career or free, 15-minute phone consultation by calling 832.777.7464.

If you are unable to reach us, you can leave a brief message with your name and phone number. During business hours, we will return your call within an hour or two. If you call after hours, we will call you the next business day.

counseling sessions and rates

You and your counselor will begin meeting weekly for the first several sessions. You and your counselor will meet at least every other week, if clinically appropriate. Your counselor may set less frequent meetings (maintenance) when goals have been met if you both agree.

You can select the following session lengths to fit your budget:

  1. Sixty (60) minute intake (in person only) for $200 (first meeting only or one-time consultations).
  2. Forty-five (45) minute session (in person or online) for $150.
  3. Thirty (30) minute session (in person or online) for $100 (if clinically appropriate).
  4. We provide a limited number of affordable counseling scholarships ($60 per 45-minute session).

You can file for reimbursement for your session fees from your insurance through "out of network" benefits. Check with your insurance when scheduling your appointment

to access our affordable counseling

Accessible Career wants you to have the counseling sessions and rates you need when you search for "affordable counseling near me." College students also need affordable counseling sessions and fees. We don't want finances to be a barrier to mental health care. 

  1. Call 832.777.7464 for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if Accessible Career is the right fit for you.
  2. Provide limited financial info to receive the reduced fee with Accessible Career,

Accessible Career has affordable scholarships for individual counseling at $60 per 45-minute session for individual clients and $80 per session for family sessions based on finances and household size.

If none of these options work for you, you can also check out other affordable counseling options available in the Houston area or access therapists through Open Path Collective ($30 to $80 per session).


Fees for appointments are paid in advance or at the beginning of each session. Accessible Career accepts payment by cash, check, credit/debit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or AMEX) including flexible spending accounts (FSA), and PayPal. The client pays the full, agreed-upon fee. The client and counselor can discuss insurance when they meet. Parents or clients can also pay for online appointments by a credit/debit card on file or by PayPal to kimdparker@accessiblecareer.com.

college planning sessions and rates

As a student headed to college, you can increase your success in college by creating a plan. Accessible Career offers two options for helping you get ready:

  1. Group counseling - College Success with Asperger's ASD for $400 ($300 plus $100 for a 30-minute intake).
  2. Success at College - one monthly one-hour planning session, in person or online, with three weekly online 15-minute check-ins for $350.
  3. College Launch planning - one monthly one-hour planning session with three weekly one-half hour skill-building sessions for $500.

career planning sessions and rates

You can succeed in launching into your career after completing your degree with the right plan and follow up. Pick one of the following that suits your needs:

  1. Career Explorer - Not sure what to do with your degree? Take a month or two to explore your interests, building a resume that spotlights your desired career and builds the skills needed to get your career started. This package includes one one-hour intake and planning session, the Strongs Interest inventory, the one-half hour results consultation, a half-hour resume building session, the half-hour interview coaching session and a half-hour next steps follow-up for $675.
  2. Career Launch - Having trouble getting started? Spend one month tuning your resume, setting up your LinkedIn profile, practicing your interview skills, updating your cover letter, and planning your job hunt. This package includes one monthly one-hour planning session with three weekly one-half hour skill-building sessions for $500.
  3. Career Tune-Up - one monthly one-hour planning session, in person or online, with three weekly online 15-minute check-ins for $350.
  4. Career Consultation - Got a particular question or two, but really you have four or five (or more), on your mind? Come in for a one-hour consultation. Bring your resume or LinkedIn profile and we'll brainstorm the best way to handle your situation for $200.

insurance for therapy

Currently, Accessible Career accepts insurance for mental health care. Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis and documentation of "medical necessity" for therapy for you to receive reimbursement. We can provide you with documentation so that you can file for reimbursement. Please verify your insurance benefits before our first appointment. You will be responsible for paying the agreed-upon fee at the beginning of the appointment.

insurance for career exploration

Sometimes you cannot get reimbursement for therapy if it is not for a medical reason, but therapy because of mental health diagnosis is usually reimbursable. Therapists see Accessible Career clients with depression, anxiety, AD/HD, and/or autism and you may get reimbursement for such conditions. You can contact your insurance company for further information.


If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time for any reason, please notify Accessible Career more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Clients who cancel appointments less than 24 hours in advance or who do not show for any reason may be billed an appointment cancellation fee equal to the scheduled session fee (unforeseen circumstance may be taken into account).

session format

When you and your counselor meet, you will do most of the talking. To make our first meeting the most productive, it helps if you complete the paperwork ahead of time and bring it with you.

We will discuss confidentiality and its limits, how Accessible Career is paid, any questions you may have about us working together In our first meeting, you can begin to tell me your story and we can discuss any goals you may have. It may take more than one session for you to discuss potential areas that you would like to work on.

After that, we will begin to set goals, develop objectives, and work on your goals. Counselors at Accessible Career often assign homework and reading outside of our sessions so that you can accelerate your progress. We will work together to decide when you are done with counseling.

Are you struggling to manage your AD/HD, anxiety, depression, Asperger's/ASD or other condition and your career? Not certain what steps to take to get working again? Let's meet up to explore some options and develop a plan to get you launched. Schedule a session to get started!

our office location

A picture of affordable counseling at our building location, fees, and appointment times at 112 W. 4th St, Houston, TX 77007

112 W. 4th St., Houston, TX 77007

between Heights Blvd. and Yale St. on W 4th St., just north of I-10.

Parking is available in the front on W. 4th St. Come around to the front door facing W 4th St. You will need to ring the front door to be admitted.