As you are thinking about your next step for your career, you may be wondering about making the right move. Choosing the right company culture is important to you; someplace that blends with your personality. You also want an organization that supports your values. If your mission is part if their bigger mission, you would like that. Being valued for your skills and doing something interesting would be the icing on the cake. A career assessment can help you with this.

If you don't already know those things about yourself, you can work with your career counselor or career coach to design a career assessment that would fill in the blank. Using the information to make discoveries about your career, you and your career guide can team up to develop a plan tailored to the results. You will use the information and the skills you gain to make the next move with confidence.

career assessment services

Career assessment services can provide you insight into your values, interests, personality, and skills. A career assessment can help you if you're in a variety of situations. Maybe you’re thinking about a career change. Or, perhaps looking forward to your first career right out of high school or college. In any of those situations, a career assessment may help you focus on career pathways that are a good fit for you!

what does a career assessment involve?

You and your career counselor will design an assessment to provide you information on the following areas:

  • Interests
  • Personality or workplace persona
  • Values
  • Skills and experience

A career assessment is a starting place to the process of finding in what direction that your next career move might be.

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background interview

Let's talk about what great skills you have and what you have been considering for the future.

When you meet with your career counselor or career coach, you'll focus on a few things. You can provide a summary of your career, key accomplishments, and your education. We will ask you about what you like about your positions and what pitfalls you want to avoid in the next phase.

step 1 in career assessments

The first step is to contact your career development counselor or career coach to begin the process. The career counselor will set up a time to talk with you about your background, interests, and experience. Be sure to tell your career counselor about any previous positions you’ve held and what you enjoyed or did not enjoy about them. Do you have any specific goals or aspirations in mind? The more information your counselor has, the better your overall career assessment will be.

A bookshelf in a library is shown. This reflects concepts discussed while taking a career assessment in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.

career interest inventory

helps you focus on careers that people like you enjoy working

You may have taken such an interest inventory in high school when you considered your next move after graduation. Many interest inventories are based on the Holland model to find your three top areas among six.

Common career interest inventories include:

These will help you discover what you like and do not like about certain jobs. And, where your overall interests are displayed across six categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (RIASEC). The results of the assessment are a three-letter code representing your vocational personality (for example, SAI: Social-Artistic-Investigative). This provides some clarity on where to focus your career search. You can find many RIASEC assessments online through a community college or university career services office.

Two individuals work in an office. They are feeling more fulfilled since taking a career assessment in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.

personality type

Gives you some information about how you work, your leadership style, and your interpersonal style

Another career assessment, a personality type indicator, will help you see your overall personality more clearly. Common personality assessment tools are:

While personality type indicators do not tell you what career you should consider, these assessments will still help you know more about yourself. You will understand how your personality type interacts with your career choice. Finally, the personality type indicator may eliminate some careers that limit your satisfaction.

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career planning

Create a career plan working with a career coach using the information from your career assessment

After one or more of these assessments, we will help you interpret the results. Next, we make some recommendations and offer some guidance on where to focus your job search. You may still need one or more follow-up sessions with your career counselor, especially if you have specific needs that impact your career development.

why working with a career coach is important

The value of working with a professional keeps you making progress when times get tough. If you encounter roadblocks and struggles, you can brainstorm solutions. Your counselor and you can find the best way past the setback and get you on track.

When you call your career counselor to let them know that you found that job or tell them you got your first client, both of you can celebrate!

There are many types of career assessments that can help you learn more about yourself including several free ones online. However, working with a specialist might limit your trial and error. Come work with Accessible Career to learn more about yourself and guide you toward some possible options. Then refine your choices to create a plan to move you into your new career.

Career assessment can steer you in the right direction.

take a career assessment in Houston, TX

At Accessible Career, we're here to help you find the right fit for your situation. Whether it's a career change, starting your first job, or deciding if you should further your education. Whatever your path looks like, we can help you navigate it. To begin working with Accessible Career, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of career coaches.
  3. Figure out what your next step is.

other mental health services offered in texas

Career assessment isn't the only service we provide. We can provide many services at Accessible Career in our Houston clinic. Right now, we see most of our clients online. We provide counseling for autistic adults and can help you navigate working from home. In addition, we can help you with working from home. Other services we offer include online therapycareer counseling, career assessment, and couples counseling. If you're curious to learn more, schedule a free consultation.