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As an Autistic adult or an adult with ADHD, exactly how do you get those callbacks when job hunting? 

You treat job hunting just like a real job.  Take the time and the effort needed to find the best tools, the best process, and the best attitude to get you to where you want to go.  (And you KNOW that you want to go there!  An appropriate job comes with more opportunities:  money, independence, and freedom.)  But just like anything that offers real rewards, it takes real commitment to getting there. 

what we'll do in career coaching

Let's break it down: you need a career that interests you, that pays you a living wage, and that you have the ability to do well!  So, why does career coaching during a down market help?  It gives you real focus, feedback, and the right framework.  In short, you are in the best position possible to succeed.  Now, that doesn't mean that there won't be setbacks along the way.  A coach can help you to think your way forward creatively, effectively, and in your own way.  We're listeners, learners, and leaders who want to see you succeed.

handling setbacks

person in a field considering a career change due to workplace anxiety needs a career coach in Houston, TX with accessible career. If you need affordable counseling and educational services houston, TX start here for online career coaching services in Texas.

What are some of the setbacks that come up for you?  Doing new things can stretch you.  It's uncomfortable. 

and, you've done harder things

Embrace it.  It's a constant feature of daily life professionally and personally.  You can get more comfortable with moving from where you are today to where you want to be by using some tools. Your resume is a tool.  It's a quick read on your top job-related skills and experience.  Your cover letter is a tool.  It takes the data points in your resume and adds in details that are crafted to pique the interest of the hiring team.  You want your resume and cover letters to say: "I'm interested in this!  I'd be awesome at this!  This is what I can DO for you!". 

working with a career coach can help you market yourself

In order to get that resume and cover letter out there sounding like that, you've got to sound like that in real life.  Right?  It can be hard to be UP.  But it's worth it.  And YOU can move your mind and your mood into the zone of "I am awesome!" with some helpful habits.  Coaches are great resources for this; we help you keep your promises to yourself as you grow into new challenges.

Getting good at dealing with change (and the stress that change can bring). And, getting good at dealing with setbacks (so that they don't STOP you cold)- THAT'S a skill that will pay off in your job search. 

managing change

Notebook open on a table with pencil and calculator and apple. The owner is considering a career change due to workplace anxiety needs a career coach in Houston, TX with accessible career. If you need affordable counseling and educational services houston, TX start here for online career coaching services in Texas.

Change.  Managing your job hunt and managing your whole life are both about managing change. Let's get comfortable with the idea that change isn't something we can do away with.

yes, a change can be scary

It's up to you to manage the change in your life and your career.  Pay attention to how you think.  How you talk to yourself.  How you talk to others.  Managing your life is ALL about managing yourself.  That's good news, right?  Because if you do a good job here, MANY doors will open up for you.  And it IS a job. 

Every moment of every day, how you show up matters.  With a coach, you have a safe place to practice these skills and help with tracking your progress.  Because coaches will focus on whatever YOU need to focus on for that session.  Ask the tough questions.  Listen for what you say, how you say it, and what got left out (that maybe you were afraid to say). 

a career coach can help you be mindful

As you tune in to your own brain, you're going to see how your thoughts are shaped by your beliefs.  It shows up in how you speak and in how you act.  And guess what?  If there are some problem areas, they're fixable!  So coaches are safe, ask good questions, listen a lot... AND keep track of your own good ideas, insights, and intuition!  Your own brain has lots of ways to help you through difficulties and stress.  When you tune in regularly, your brain relaxes.  It's confident that you're going to listen to what it has to say and that you'll act on it. 

reducing stress and worry

The picture shows a woman on a laptop. She is thinking about making a career change in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.

HOW you act on things matters.  Anxiety is part of the picture for many Autistic adults and many adults with ADHD, as much as it is for any group.  It can show up as a tightening in the pit of your stomach, rapid breathing, and elevated pulse.  The accompanying feelings can be anger, fear, irritation, or even helplessness.  WHAT are you supposed to do if the resume didn't get you a callback or the interview got off to a good start but then finished badly?

choices, choices

Now, you're dealing with a deck of options and you want to choose the best one.  Do you lash out?  Do you hide in your room?  Do you throw out angry words or throw some stuff around?  Letting off steam in these ways is perfectly understandable.  It is, however, disastrous for your prospects in terms of career and personal life. 

stress & anxiety at work can be tough to navigate

When you're at the moment where you're deciding how to react to a setback, a coach can be a safe person.  Describing your problem, your reaction, and your reasoning can help you to improve your resolve to make a different choice the next time that you're stressed out.

If your stress and worry cause anxiety attacks, panic, and affects your daily functioning, Accessible Career also offers therapy for anxiety.

JT O'Donnell is a master career coach that helps get people to their career goals. Accessible Career provides coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Career coaches tell you what you NEED to hear.

JT O'Donnell,
Career coach Liz Ryan describes how career coaching can move your career forward.

Break the rules to get the job you want and the career you deserve.

Liz Ryan, author Reinvention Roadmap

career coaching during the pandemic

A down market for job prospects can be a time to focus on YOU.  Developing your skills, strategies, and systems that will position YOU for success.  However, there's never going to BE a better time to lean in. 

Setbacks are part of the journey.  Change is a constant.  A great coach once said to me: "there is no criticism in life, there is only feedback".  When we take in the information that is available and learn to leverage it instead of reacting to it, we have a better shot at getting what we want. 

as a career coach, we work with you

There's a cooperative dynamic in life.  When we align with what a situation requires through our values and our actions, our vision stands a better chance of coming to pass.  And if mistakes are made, there's another opportunity to regroup, refocus and retry.  However, that's part of the learning process.  The only way to lose is by refusing to grow.  Altogether, there's a method for YOU when it comes to making your life work in the best possible way. 

begin career coaching in houston, tx

On your journey of discovery, it can be messy, uncomfortable, and uncertain.  Nobody has a magic mirror that proves that after "x" hours of real effort, "y" results will happen.  (But if you DON'T put in the effort, you're not even in the running for "y", right?)  Think about it.  A career coach could be a good choice for you.  Better habits could bring better results.  When you're ready to begin your journey with career coaching, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of amazing career coaches.
  3. Start planning your career!

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Services for stress and anxiety at work isn't the only service we provide. We offer many services at Accessible Career in our Houston clinic. However, we see most of our clients online. We can offer counseling for autistic adults and can help you navigate working from home. Other services we offer include online therapycareer counseling, career assessment, and couples counseling. If you're curious to learn more, schedule a free consultation.

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