Starting a career with a disability

So how about starting a career with a disability? While you were at school, you had access to your university career services office. But no classes focused on your job hunt. You did your online resume and polished it. You deleted all of “those” pictures from Insta and your Snap doesn’t stay around (you wild than’!) After filling out a LinkedIn profile, you began connecting. You may have even gotten some great interviews from the career fairs when employers were on campus.

You waited. But no one called you back to offer you the job you wanted. You may worry about your job hunt with a disability. You may have taken one (or more) part-time gigs to make ends meet.  If you did find a job, it may just be “so, so”. You’re still struggling to find that “just right” professional job. If you are ready to try something more, we can talk on the phone to explore your options.

Job Hunting

After graduation, you thought a job hunt with a disability would be easier. You may have not been able to work much while going to school. It took all of your energy just to go to class and study. Or your part-time college job was not in your field. You may just need some support while you hunt.

Let’s mark out a path to get you started. There are great self-paced coaching resources that can help you shine. We can meet periodically to review your progress and improve your chances of landing the job you want. You would learn how to “self accommodate” so you can maintain your independence.

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You Health and Your Career

If you have a health-related disability, you are trying to figure out how to balance work and health. Balancing working full-time in a demanding job with your health is exhausting. You don’t have the energy. You wonder how you are going to support yourself. You’re worried you’ll be living with your parent forever. Late at night, you may think, “What do I do after they are gone?” We want you to know there are options at many levels. There is one just right for you.

Your disability may impact your choices. We start out by giving you a safe workspace right here in the Houston Heights while you make career decisions. Why don’t we chat to see if there is a fit?

Let’s reduce the worry about what is next. We can plan the next help your job search. You and I can talk about your dreams. We want to help you get closer to those plans. We can set you up with some self-paced coaching to help you. If you need a career exit plan, we will make one. We want to find the right balance to increase your success.