autistic adult or adult who has autism?

Neurodivergence is just another way of thinking, an alternate path of brain connections, with varying strengths and challenges. That is one of the unique qualities of being autistic. As they say, "If you have met one person on the spectrum, you've met one person..."

People around you all of your life have coached, counseled, mentored, taught, trained, and conditioned you to be something you are act like a neurotypical. But you are actually autistic!

But what if you could find a balance in your life that does not require you to mask -- act like neurotypical people expect you to act? You can build a life that doesn't stress you out. Finding a job, finishing your education, living on your own, getting along with your partner, it is all possible.

Counseling for autistic adults can help.

can you just be yourself?

Autistic Adult Services

Counseling for Autistic Adults

In counseling for autistic adults, we meet with our clients online at a place you choose through online therapy. You can meet with us by video and followup between meetings with secure messaging.

Some common goals you may find helpful are:

managing workplace stress

decreasing conflict in relationships

increasing self-advocacy and self-care

refining parenting skills,

gaining skills to reduce symptoms of anxiety/panic and reduce the impact of depression

increase effectiveness in communication.

Autism Career Counseling

Rather than lump you into information technology, let's get together and explore what you want to do. We can come up with a plan to help you get started with you career or transition to the next stage. You and your career coach can help you choose a career or build your own business.

Relationships are tough enough in personal life, but the workplace seems to have its own secret code. Many of your colleagues seem to spend too much time on unimportant activities. Your boss may not recognize how hard you actually work or how much you get done.

If you could find a way to make work less stressful and get credit for the hard work that you do, you could enjoy your job. You and your career counselor can find strategies for you to ask for what you need at work. Getting your needs met at work can help you feel like you can speak up and succeed. To learn more about autism career counseling, check out our page for more details!

Educational Services For Adult Learners

While getting a college degree can be an important step in preparation for a career, the tough fact is that only a half of autistic adults who complete college get a job. Many remain underemployed.

Getting prepared for an adult life means balancing the stress that living on your own produces against your mental health and anxiety. Often, that can mean removing roadblocks and learning new skills so that a good quality of life becomes possible. Our affordable counseling and educational services can help you through this.

Autistic adults can be independent thinkers and be high performers in their chosen careers. But the path toward an independent adult life begins by enlisting quality supportive mentors, preferably other autistic adults, to help. Let's work together to get you the resources that can help you get to your goals.

A woman uses her laptop for class. She is feeling more focused since she started counseling for autistic adults in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

what actually autistic adults say:

I think it’s important to realize that  anyone who is struggling with their mental health, you see them crying or they’re upset,  autistic or not, you know, realize they might need something very different. Some people might want you to just sit silently with them in the room and just be  a support person. Some people may just need  for you to listen while they tell you something that they’re struggling with and with autistic people,  if someone’s having a meltdown or something. Because they’re really completely overwhelmed,  telling someone to calm down is probably not helpful.

― Christa Holmans, Neurodivergent Rebel

Remember that you are okay. You are a person, just like everyone else. You have different needs and ways of thinking, and that's okay. You are good at some things and have to work hard at other things, just like everyone else. The important thing to remember is that we all have differences, and in that way we are alike.

― Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Autistic Adult Outcomes

Accessible Career


In the past decade, our counselors have changed the lives of 130+ autistic adults.


We work 100% with adults! While not all of our clients are autistic, we are committed to working with you to get to your goals.


Our counselors have been working with autistic adults for 9 years.

A woman smiles while using her laptop. She is happy she started counseling for autistic adults in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

Begin Counseling for Autistic Adults in Houston, Texas

Many people have tried to make you into something you're not. And, that can be exhausting to live with. Luckily, we expect to come the way you are. In counseling for autistic adults, we'll work together to reach your goals given the tools you have in your toolbox. When you're ready to begin counseling for autistic adults, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of career coaches.
  3. Figure out what your next step is.

Other Mental Health Services Offered In Texas

Counseling for autistic adults isn't the only service we provide. We offer many services at Accessible Career in our Houston clinic. However, we see most of our clients online. Other services we offer include online therapycareer counseling, and couples counseling. If you're curious to learn more, schedule a free consultation. If we aren't the best fit, we're happy to provide some referral sources.