So why all of the pictures of happy couples below? Because you were there at one time. As a couple, you both believed in each other. You thought about being together all the time. That prior success is what makes you hope the relationship can still work out.

Whether one or both of you is neurodiverse, you are both unique. Both of you bring skills to the relationship. Let's work together to strengthen your partnership. This our goal in neurodiverse couples counseling.

We want to work with both of you. Let's help you "get" each other and manage your mental health. We can improve your understanding of your partner. You rely on what you naturally do well and find opportunities for improvement.

A couple walks together in the woods. They are feeling more connected since starting neurodiverse couples counseling in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

Unique Experiences As A Neurodiverse Couple

Finding out that your partner has autism when your son or daughter was diagnosed? You wonder if they are faking it. Just because they are quiet. Just because they don't like to go out.

But that explosive temper! What did you say? Why doesn't your partner get it? If you have to explain it one more time, you're going to explode yourself!

...couples with autistic partner...

You have been living with this person for years. They're your closest friend and maybe your only friend. You're afraid...afraid to upset the balance...afraid to take risks...afraid to do something wrong.

They're complaining again. What is it this time? Don't they know you work hard? You are a consistent and reliable person. But some things aren't that easy. And you don't know why your partner resents picking up the slack.

Neurodiverse couples require a bit of specialized understanding. Let's get together and create a space where both of you can be heard. Learning new relationship skills can make a substantial difference. This is possible in neurodiverse couples counseling. You can figure each other out!

A close up photo of a couple is displayed. They are feeling more connected since starting neurodiverse couples counseling in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

You just got in and the dishes aren't done again. You're tired of hearing about the rough day at work -- you have rough days too. Your partner complains about getting along at work and argues over the most minor things. One day, they're on top of the moon with the latest idea. The next week, they feel like an utter failure. How do you keep going?

...partner who has ADHD...

You've heard messages all of your life that says you're not enough: You don't listen. Can't you pay attention? Why don't you just focus. What do you mean that you forgot...again?

You thought being married would help. Someone who can remind you and help you see a different perspective. But now you just fight all the time. You just want to relax when you get off of work but it feels like your partner is constantly complaining. You're aware that you have a short fuse, but...sheesh...can't you get a break? Why doesn't your partner understand?

Living with attention control issues can impact every area of a relationship. In neurodiverse couples counseling, we can help both of you with new coping skills so that you can find a path forward together. Neurodiverse couples counseling will help you see it is possible to enjoy the funny, quirky person you fell in love with while growing older together.

A couple walks together on the beach. They are feeling much happier since they have started neurodiverse couples counseling in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

You both used to love getting out, exploring new spots, meeting new people, and traveling together. But your partner slowly became less interested in going out. One day, you realized that you both hardly do things together anymore. Living with someone who seems to constantly worry is stopping both of you from thriving.

...partner who has anxiety...

It just started with a few things. The boss' comments made you lose your confidence. Your company started layoffs. You began to worry.

Suddenly, you're struggling to sleep through the night. You find yourself shaking before you meet with your boss. It seems that you worry...all the time. You don't want everyone to know how much it is affecting you.

Anxiety in a relationship affects both of you. Neurodiverse couples counseling can help you build a map back to a more relaxed, upbeat future. Let's talk about how anxiety impacts your relationship and then develop some next steps.

A couple smiles at each other. They are feeling much happier since they started neurodiverse couples counseling in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

What can you do to help? Everything you try seems to make things worse. Sometimes it feels like you're walking around on eggshells. Staying up a night, you worry if your relationship will survive. You've learned the hard way what not to say, but now you don't say anything at all.

...partner living with depression...

Struggling with depression feels like walking through a fog. You have gotten great at acting happy, but you're dying inside. Your partner doesn't say...anything. Both of you act like nothing is affecting you. But your partner's struggle is slowly choking the life out of your relationship.

As a couple, it is important not to wait. Let's get together and help you both understand how depression is impacting your relationship. Working as a team in neurodiverse couples counseling, we can find some new ways to build hope.

A couple embraces each other. They are feeling much happier after starting neurodiverse couples counseling in Houston, Texas with Accessible Career.

That explosive reaction! What was it this time? You don't understand what happened. Surprising you, your partner just went off and scared you. You feel like you need to get out now!

Or your partner just froze up and avoided talking about it. He/She/They packed it up and put it away. Now you have to act as if nothing is wrong. But everything is wrong! You're walking around on eggshells and you don't know why. This sweet lovable partner is unpredictable, aloof, and cold at times. Every time you try to get close, they pull away. This isn't working anymore.

...or a partner who has experienced trauma...

He/she just doesn't understand...

If they knew your secret, things would be different. But you can't tell them or you feel like you will lose them. If you just keep them away from the topic, you can be safe. Not too close...

You loved the early days! Everything was fresh and new and fun! But then real life happened. Your partner hurt you. And the shame you felt said that you're not worth it. Those messages came flooding back.

Trauma (and post-traumatic stress) can affects relationships more commonly than couples know. Meet with us to explore how to safely travel this healing journey together. Neurodiverse couples counseling can give your relationship a new start and build the intimacy that both of you crave. Recognizing signs of trauma can be tough. For assistance, check out this article to familiarize yourself with the signs.

Start Neurodiverse Couples Counseling in Houston, Texas

There's a laundry list of unique experiences that can cause a couple to pursue neurodiverse couples counseling. At the end of the day, relationships are tough to navigate. Often, regardless and on top of everything else going on. But, we can help. Our counselors are here to help you navigate life as a neurodiverse couple. When you're ready to start your journey, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of counselors.
  3. Learn how to be the best partner you can be.

Other Counseling Services Offered in Houston, TX

Neurodiverse couples counseling isn't the only service we provide. We can offer many services at Accessible Career online or in our Houston clinic. Currently, we see most of our clients online. Other services we offer include online therapycounseling for autistic adults, and career counseling. If you're wanting to learn more, schedule a free consultation. If we aren't the best fit, we're more than happy to provide some referral sources!

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