There are a variety of resources that are helpful for building your career. We offer book recommendations, websites that provide self-paced career coaching, and business building information. This section contains help for a job hunt with a disability.

Career Coaching

We listed resources are specific to a particular condition. Career seekers may want to establish a basic income while launching a career or business.

Accessible Career licensed professional counselors offer therapy for a wide range of concerns. However, our practice is not the best fit for everyone. You can find other local resources such as mental health counseling and affordable care in the greater Houston area.

We provide a list of self-paced coaching subscriptions that can allow you to progress faster while working with your career counselor.

Help for Starting Your Own Business

Some professionals have a desire to start their own business much in the way Accessible Career was formed. There are many reasons why you may want to think about starting your own business. While starting a business can be a lot of work, you can create a schedule that works for you. It may be possible to generate a full-time income while working part time hours. The key is to delegate your work to a (virtual) assistant and to link with other business so that you can succeed together. One great resource is to read Guerilla Marketing.

College Success

University and K-12 students may benefit from educational resources and academic accommodations. Accessible Career also provides referrals for evaluation services at a reasonable price.