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Looking for options for free self-paced career coaching? Sometimes you just don't have the money to work with a career counselor one-on-one. Or you may be one of those that wants to go faster, learn quicker, or study at a pace that works for you. Here are some free self-paced online career coaching that can help. A few also have a small monthly fee. Many career search principles apply to you whether or not you have a disability. While they are not tailored to professionals with disabilities, you can apply these principles in any job hunt.

free self-paced career coaching

The following sites have both free and low cost subscription based content through their site. Each site also offers free YouTube and LinkedIn content. To get access to the LinkedIn content, you may wish to follow these influencers.


One dependable resource during the pandemic is the site workitdaily.com. J.T. O'Donnell began her career coaching firm during the Great Recession in 2008. She brings expertise to help you move your career forward during difficult time. Give her site a look and consider the monthly subscription to gain the latest knowledge. She can guide you on your resume and interview skills.

JT O'Donnell at Work It Daily - free or affordable self-paced career coaching resources online

J.T. O’Donnell at WorkItDaily is a great site for career guidance for both the young and old. She gathers coaches from multiple industries to help the job seeker update their skills and multiply their opportunities to find their dream job. Those who follow her advice may cut the job search time in half.

Her site offers free tutorials and daily short videos.

Here are two central videos on navigating the online application process. Do you know it's actually harder to get an interview from an online application today? Watch her video:

Here's a great video on creating the disruptive cover letter:

You can follow her on LinkedIn as well.


Self-paced online career coaching resources at HumanWorkplace.com from Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan at the Human Workplace focuses the job seeker on how to connect your skills with the “pain” your employer is experiencing without your skills. She reports:

The Human Workplace is a publishing firm, a think tank and a coaching and consulting business. The Human Workplace is also an idea, a mindset and a set of practices for employers, educators, entrepreneurs, career coaches and developers, HR folks, students and other leaders.

She often writes for Forbes and Inc.com.

career coaching with Accessible Career

Accessible Career offers one-on-one career guidance through the following services:

  1. Career coaching (nationwide)
  2. Career counseling in Texas
  3. Assessments for career interests and workplace type
  4. Counseling for stress at work or due to working remotely
  5. Online therapy including counseling for autistic adults
  6. Therapy for couples with neurodiverse partners

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