Whether you are stressed at work, just trying to understand why you are feeling down or worrying all of the time, we can help. We offer a couple of specialty areas to help you get to your goals. We want you to have the right fit for you.

online therapy

The thought of attending online therapy makes you tired. The year 2020 has made us all feel disconnected. You wonder how you can do another Zoom meeting. If you can find someone interactive, who makes it feel like an in-person session, who cares about that might be different.

Finding an online therapist can be a process. Accessible Career wants to help take the struggle out of finding the right fit for you. We have chatty style with a give-and-take flair. While each counselor has their own style, we may talk more than other therapists. You can feel comfortable when we team up with you to help you move forward. If we are not the right fit, we will try to help you find a good fit.

Convenient online therapy at times that work for you helps you to fit therapy into your schedule. You can talk to someone confidentially from a place where you feel comfortable. Through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform, you can talk to your therapist without having to leave work or fight traffic.

career counseling services

Career counseling is a lot more than giving you a few tests, telling you what your career options are and sending you along your way. Finding a field/occupation that matches your interests, aptitudes, education, and values may take several conversations.

Career counseling can be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself. Since many of us will work 45 to 50 years of our lives, you may want to pick something that you will enjoy. But how do you do that?

Your current job may not be cutting it. Some days, you're just dragging yourself to work. Other days, it seems like your boss is out to get you. You may feel stuck. Late at night, you're awake worrying. You dream of something more.

Whether you are just starting college, launching your career, doing a mid-career pivot, or striking out on your own, we've got you covered.

neurodiverse couples counseling

It was working at one point. When you first met, you thought about your partner all the time. You dreamed about your future together.

But lately, things have gotten harder. You have been fighting. When you're not fighting, you're not talking to each other. What you loved about your partner when you met is now driving your away. You wonder if you should leave.

You or your partner may have a condition that makes things complicated. Conditions like AD/HD, autism/Asperger's, anxiety, bipolar I or II, depression, health conditions, and trauma/post-traumatic stress can derail your early years. You may feel like your partner lied to you or hid who they were. That same quirky diversity is now driving you apart. You don't know how much more you can put up with.

Let's team up to help you better understand each other. We can come up with some strategies that can help you both feel like taking that long walk together again.

Let’s build a new future together.