You have a dream. You find yourself lying awake at night, wondering what it would take to do it; what you would need to scratch your entrepreneurial itch. It will be your business done your way. You won't have more frustrating days at a dead end job. You may just need help starting your own business or even relaunching your existing business.

Where do you go? You've spent a lot of time watching successful YouTubers. Maybe that's the gig for you. But when you think about your own business, you are a crafts-person, a creator. Maybe you have a product that you need to make, sell, and ship. Perhaps you and others are dreaming together. But then those doubts creep in. You can't seem to get started. Or, after starting your own business, you couldn't stick it out for very long. You didn't make the money you hoped you would make. You may have even given up...for now.

But the dream is still there. You literally dream about it when you sleep. You daydream about it when you're at work. What if you had some help keeping you on track? What about navigating issues with your anxiety, depression, Asperger's or autism, or even your AD/HD? Balancing your life while working and trying to start a side hustle may feel like too much. But it can be doable. We would come up with a plan and check in regularly. You'll be putting in the hours, but setting aside enough time to get support. Hashing things out with a listening ear might make the difference.

Are you starting to believe that it's possible? Why don't you give us a call and talk about what would work for you?