dealing with stress & anxiety at work

You have been thinking of making a career change or perhaps a whole new career. But you feel like your current job is so bad that you dream about quitting every day. You can't sleep the nights before your week starts. You struggle to get dressed and get to work on time. Often, you wonder, "What is wrong with me? How do other people smile when I am so miserable?"

time for a career change?

First of all, you are not alone. Up to 70% of people report being dissatisfied with their careers. Dreading going to work can turn into added stress. Stress in the workplace can make your job feel unbearable. Constant stress can show up as anxiety. Anxiety in the workplace isn't great. You stop sleeping well. You may try to cope in other ways. For some, this looks like stopping health habits, begin overeating, over-consuming alcohol, or smoking marijuana to relax. One day leave an office shaking due to panic attacks. You think, "This is NOT working anymore..."

But should you automatically look for another job?

is anxiety in the workplace driving a career change?

stress & anxiety at work?

If you feel locked in because you don't see how you can afford to make a job or career change, you may find it easier than you think.

When you first started your job, you were so excited. You showed up early. In the office, you were friendly with everyone. You got your workout in before going to the office. Every day, you arrived energized and ready to work.

Now, you're dragging yourself in every day. You hit the snooze button more than once. Then, you groan getting out of bed and spend some of the day looking at job posting from your desk. You have been calling in sick more and more. Wondering, "How do I get out of this?" you find yourself daydreaming about starting a side hustle.

career planning or career change?

With some support, you can navigate your way through this. Let's talk about the way your job makes you feel and feeling stressed at work. Even if you need a career change, you want to manage more responsibilities with balance. Given some new techniques to manage anxiety (and more specifically-anxiety in the workplace), you can make a decision about your job when the timing is right.

A woman looks into a microscope. She is feeling satisfied with her career change after working with a career consultant in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.
A woman writes on sticky notes on a window. She feels more focused since career planning with a career coach in Houston, TX with Accessible Career. She has noticed that she is feeling less anxiety at work.

planning for career change

is it time for a career change?

We all recognize that there are times when a change is necessary. New opportunities can increase motivation, spark learning, and make life more satisfying.

Making changes takes planning and risk. If the change causes unexpected consequences, you may find yourself more stressed at work than ever before.

a career consultant can help with career planning

If you and someone you trusted could guide you through the process, career planning with a career consultant can you can get closer to your goals. You can team up with a career consultant with Accessible Career to create a plan and make adjustments at key points.

Employee Assistance Programs

managing stress & anxiety at work

Most employers offer a benefit that employees can use to reduce stress and increase enjoyment at their current job. When you have issues from your personal life or conflict with your manager affect your job, employee assistance programs, or EAPs, offer someone to talk to at no cost to you.

benefits of EAPs

EAP sessions give you a chance to talk over things and learn skills to improve your outlook. Popular EAP companies offered by many employers include ones that Accessible Career participates in such as:

Lyra Health

Modern Health

If you wish to continue after your EAP sessions are complete, Accessible Career also accepts commercial insurance plans in-network such as BCBS, Cigna, and Aetna and can provide courtesy billing for other out-of=-network insurance plans to continue your care.

A man uses his  laptop. He is feeling much happier since working with a career coach in Houston, TX to lower his stress at work. He has found that taking a career assessment with a career coach at Accessible Career was a good option for him.

services for stress & anxiety at work

counseling for stress at work

When you deal with conflict with coworkers, divorce or break up, problems at school with your children, or loss of a parent, you can feel like no one understands how much stress you have. Feeling stressed at work isn't fun. Let's talk about skills that can help you enjoy your job again or develop a plan to make needed changes.

therapy for anxiety at work

When you worry every day at work and you stay up a night dreading the next day, your anxiety is affecting your mental health. Let's talk about ways to manage your anxiety at work. Our approach to anxiety counseling can help you navigate this feeling. If we can come up with some solutions, you may find a way to love your career again.

career coaching

Sometimes you have a plan but you are stuck. You're not sure how to make it happen. Career coaching can help you move step by step until you meet your career goals. A career coach can help you form goals that make sense for you while you work through career planning. Let's connect you with a coach that can take you all the way to your next career!

career assessment

Sometimes you're uncertain what the next direction may look like. Are you too stressed at work to focus on yourself? We can look at your current abilities, interests, values, and work experience to suggest some areas for you to research and explore. Going through a career assessment with one of our career coaches can help you navigate this decision. Call us today to set up a career assessment so we can start career planning!

Two girls sit next to each other while using their laptops. They are feeling less stress at work after working with a career coach in Houston, TX with Accessible Career.

Want to love your job again? Come talk to us!

begin working with a career coach in Houston, TX

At Accessible Career, we get it. Stress at work isn't fun to deal with. It can so easily lead to feeling anxiety at work. Our career coaches are here to help. Our career consultants can help you with career planning to reach your goals. When you're ready to start working with a career coach in Houston, TX, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of career coaches.
  3. Figure out what your next step is.

other mental health services offered in texas

Services for stress and anxiety at work isn't the only service we provide. We offer many services at Accessible Career in our Houston clinic. However, we see most of our clients online. We can offer counseling for autistic adults and can help you navigate working from home. Other services we offer include online therapycareer counseling, career assessment, and couples counseling. If you're curious to learn more, schedule a free consultation.