Getting Answers

You have been trying to get the support your student needs since you found out he or she has AD/HD, a learning disability, a mental health condition, a health issue, hearing loss or deafness, low vision, or any combination. You may have succeeded with the school or you may still be fighting.

We can help. We have traveled this journey before. We want your student to receive the services they need to succeed. Whether your student receives special education services or has 504 accommodations, we can guide you. We can talk about both and whether or not you need to change before college. You can decide what's best for your student while we support you.

Let's reduce your worry about the future. We can explore some options and provide a sounding board. We give you a safe place for you to talk about your worries about your student's future.

Students and their families

Your family has unique needs. We provide counseling in the Houston Heights for mental wellness, social skills, fostering independence, and college guidance. Working together, we can plan transitions to high school, college, and launching a career.