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One thing that came out of the transition to remote work was the opportunity - a test drive for a work from home career. The decision was made for you during the Covid-19 pandemic. A decision that you previously dreamed about may have felt like a nightmare. You couldn't wait to go back to the office!

pandemic work from home career experience?

You shifted suddenly to a work from home career. You struggle with the isolation, missing coworkers, and trying to balance home and work duties. The dining room table is covered with you and your partner's computer cables. You couldn't find your kid's homework if you had to hand it in!

Working from home careers can lead to burnout, disconnection, and boredom. One day can run into another. You may worry that you will never get out. Seeing your friends over lunch? Thing of the past. Or, be recognized by other people. Those that work from home feel invisible and see their careers stagnate. That is one reason many women delay taking family leave.

what your work from home career could be

But many others relish the productivity increase. The flexible schedule can be nice. In addition, the ability to balance professional responsibilities without having to take a whole day away from work.

Setting yourself up for success takes planning and adjustment. By now, you have made it work somewhat. If you had planned the career change, you might even enjoy most of the benefits of working from home. You have even thought about shopping for an RV...

thinking about a remote career or

work from home career?

designing a successful remote career

The simplest transition to a remote career may be approaching your current employer about doing work from home part-time or full-time.

Growing a side business into a full-time remote career takes more time and planning. Becoming self-employed gradually offers you the time to be sure you can support yourself and like what you do. The advantages of a remote career that you hear about:

  1. promoting your own business values such as supporting black-owned businesses or Latinx-owned businesses
  2. being your own boss
  3. flexible schedule with reduced work hours
  4. work with clients you choose
  5. work on your preferred projects
  6. work part-time for a full-time income

These can all be solid reasons for moving to a freelance, self-employed, or entrepreneurial career.

If you find you are in a field that does not offer remote work options, you may need a career change to make remote work possible. Thinking about changing career can bring up anxiety, worry, and stress. How will you support yourself? You wonder if you will like your new field.

trades and on-site work

You don't have to become a YouTuber or go on the road as a drummer to build a career with some flexibility. Hybrid arrangements (part on-site and part working from home) may allow you to gain some control of your work choices.

become your own boss in skilled trades

Skilled trades remain in high demand as a career field. But that does not prevent you from being your own boss to enjoy the benefits of remote work. Some service companies provide a career path for their mobile repair staff to become owners of a franchise.

Experienced in skilled trade work, you may enjoy instructing at a local college or high school. Due to the pandemic, some colleges even moved their instruction online. You may find that you can teach by video or show up at the college fewer hours per work than working at a worksite.

Come talk to us about the possibility to gain some freedom in your career.

onsite work to remote career

As a healthcare worker with a PRN (as needed) schedule, you have some control over when and where you work. In larger states with many sizeable cities, you may find that you can even change locations from season to season. The rising popularity of telehealth also makes it possible for you to serve small towns and rural areas.

remote work for photography

You may want to move your photography or videography hobby into a full-time gig. Or as a musician, you wonder if you can find a way to pay the bills. While there may be a season of weddings and special events to meet your living expenses, good marketing, and personal branding may allow you to choose the projects that you like.

remote work as a teacher

As a teacher, you may have wondered if you will have to become an administrator or school counselor to work from an office. But as more instruction moves online, you may find opportunities for teacher coaching, curriculum, and instruction creation, test question prep, or even online tutoring to add flexibility without leaving a field you love.

need other ideas? our career coaches & career counselors can help you with that

Come explore with us some ideas for moving your current work to a flexible one or to a remort career. Or, let's brainstorm possibilities for a new field that you have been thinking about trying. Sometimes, a career change is the right move. We can meet with you to get some background and do a brief career assessment. You can then meet with our career coaches and career counselors to establish a plan and get some guidance making it happen. If depression or anxiety is holding back, our counselor can help you work through that to get started. We can also tailor a plan for those with ADHD or autism to make working from home successful.

work from home services menu

career assessment

Begin with a background interview, assessments that provide you further insight, and information to help create a career plan.

career assessment plans from $200

online career counseling

For a period of time, you and your counselor will meet to help you remove roadblocks to your plan. You will learn new skills to manage the impact of anxiety, ADHD, autism, and depression.

session fees from $100 to $200

career coaching

You and your coach will set goals and follow your progress toward your plan.

coaching fees from $100

work from home guidance

Rather than the jarring adjustment, many people made to suddenly work from home, let's guide you toward getting a better balance between your career and your life.

consultations from $100 to $200

work from home and family

The Covid-19 pandemic forced a sudden shift for many single parents, lower-earner parents, and mothers. As a primary caregiver, you had to reduce your work hours or even quit your job for your family. Other essential workers who reported to a workplace, you may struggle to find care. The sudden shift is a very different experience than a shift that you plan.

Remote work careers do not require you to give up your advancement if managed properly. You can balance the needs of your family and your work.

balancing responsibilities while working from home

Working from home and managing a family can be done together. But it takes some brainstorming to find a position that works with your life. Keep in mind your skills, interests, and values. All of this, while providing enough flexibility to manage the needs of your family. You may need to set up a dedicated workspace. If you have young ones, you may need to arrange caregiving for key hours in the day. Or, trade off with your partner. Talk to us about ways to make it work for you!

A remote career could be a great option for you. Or, perhaps a career change altogether. Our career counselors & career coaches can help you make that decision. When you're ready to start online career coaching services with Accessible Career, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us & schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of career coaches and career counselors.
  3. Work from the place that it makes the sense for you.

other online career coaching services offered in texas

Support for remote work isn't the only service we provide. We can help out with many services at Accessible Career in our Houston clinic. Currently, we see most of our clients online. We offer counseling for autistic adults and couples counseling. We can help you with working from home while dealing with stress and anxiety. Other services we offer include online therapycareer counseling, career assessment,. If you're curious to learn more, schedule a free consultation, because we'd love to meet you!

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