New to online counseling at Accessible Career? We provide career counseling services for those living in Texas. Focusing on students and families, college students, career starters and seasoned professionals, it's important for you to find the right fit. The information below will tell you about setting up an appointment, when we have appointments available, how much we charge and using your insurance. We also answer common questions about counseling.

If you are ready to make an appointment or just have questions, call 832.777.7464 for a free 15-minute phone consultation so we can answer any questions you may have.

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welcome to online counseling at accessible career

Thank you for reaching out. We’re glad you are thinking about working with us, it is a big decision. We want you to read about how we work with our clients to map out steps and create a career plan.

a good fit

You may wonder if our services are the right fit for you. Accessible Career focuses on the following types of clients:


Your student may be struggling in school. They may not be getting along with friends. Grades may be dropping despite working late on homework.  They don't seem to be keeping up. You stay up wondering...AD/HD?...learning disability...something else? Let us talk with you and your student to check out what is going on. We can come up with a plan to increase academic and social success.

college students

Finally out on your own and you would like to take control of things. After all, you know yourself by now...but you are still struggling. Yeah, your grades could be better. You are still worrying about being able to finish the semester, much less your degree. Okay, your parents are applying pressure and you don't feel like your parents get it...they just don't understand how hard it is. I'd be happy to just listen to what you have to say.

starting your career

Asking yourself, "Why don't I have an offer that I like? At this point, you should have some job offers. You have sent out lots of resumes, had some phone interviews, but have no job offers that you like. Although you're working almost full time, it's just a couple of part-time jobs and you don't have time for the things you love. You are working every day, mornings AND evenings. There's just not enough money coming in. You thought you would be farther along by now. You are scared that this is all there is. Secretly, you worry that you're not enough. You want to get your career started.


You are working crazy hours. Your spouse is upset because they rarely see you. The kids don't see you enough either and you wonder, "Is this what I thought it would be like?" You find yourself dreaming about a different type of work at work (and, if you were honest, at home, at church, and everywhere else). You want to find another job, but you don't know if it is just jumping from the frying pan into the fire. After all, you already tried another job. You are thinking about a real change this time.

how to set up counseling at accessible career:

  1. Call us at 832.777.7464 or go through our online portal.
  2. We'll direct you to the initial forms and schedule your session.
  3. During the first couple of sessions, we'll discuss your history, the roadblocks you see and what impacts your success.
  4. After a few sessions, we'll work together to create a plan and begin working on objectives.
  5. Then we'll help you find or develop the career that you believe is your next passion project.

We are so glad you are here. Please contact us if you would like to set up counseling at Accessible Career: call 832.777.7464.

If you are not sure yet, look around the site and ask lots of questions.

We want you to find the right counselor. Talking to someone about feeling keyed up or worried all the time can feel awkward. You think that your problems aren't enough to worry about. Just because you have trouble focusing and your boss may not be happy doesn't mean that you aren't doing your job. While you are wondering if you are ready for a change, you're concerned that you need medication or something else. Let's get together and talk about your options.

We want you to feel comfortable and hope that you'll find you can trust us. You can call us at 832.777.7464 to ask us any questions. Here are a few common questions below:

Q: What type of counseling license do you have?

There are several professionals that provide therapy in the state of Texas and each has different education and training.

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) has a master's degree and has completed at least 18 months of counseling under supervision after passing the state counseling exam. A licensed professional counseling intern (LPC-Intern) is still under supervision and is working toward the full license.

Licensed Psychologist has a doctoral degree in psychology and has completed a one-year APA-approved internship. They often also provide testing, psychotherapy, and expertise in legal proceedings.

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) has a specialist degree in school psychology and work within schools. However, an LSSP with a doctoral degree can practice independently. They often perform assessments for learning disabilities, psychological conditions, AD/HD, and autism.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has a master's degree in marriage and family therapy and have completed a 3000-hour internship. An LMFT supports individuals, couples and families approach to therapy for a systems perspective. A licensed marriage and family therapy associate (LMFT-A) is still under supervision and is working to complete their full licensure.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has training in social work and have completed an additional 4000-hour internship to provide counseling services as well. Licensed clinical social workers have expertise in medical case management, social services, and mental health.

Q: What type of therapy training do you have?

I have a master's degree in clinical psychology from Sam Houston State University and I am licensed as a licensed professional counselor in the state of Texas (TX 70157). I have worked at a university as a disability services counselor for 5 years in addition to private practice. I am also a certified trauma professional.

Q: What are the counseling sessions like?

Each client has a unique story of how their condition impacts their life and work. I listen to each client, ask clarifying questions, and team up with them to set goals, create objectives, and follow up on progress.

Q: How many counseling sessions do most clients attend?

Your needs are different from others and your length of therapy will depend on your goals and how often we meet. Some clients meet only for a short time to complete a specific goal and others continue while they work on new goals. The most common number of sessions someone attends is one, believe it or not. That may have to do with the fit between client and therapist. Those that stay longer find that the average is around twenty. A few enjoy having someone to work with longer term.

The most important thing about therapy is that you are comfortable with your counselor.

If you would like counseling at Accessible Career, call to set up an appointment: 832.777.7464.