You did your bit.

Invested in your education

Volunteered or completed one or more internships

Working in your chosen field, but it’s not your ideal career yet?

Dreaming about the next stage

Now, it’s time.

It’s time to make deliberate plans to move you to the next level; time to put your team together. You want someone to bounce ideas off of but your family and friends are tired of hearing about it. You feel it’s time to get moving.

But you may be thinking, “Why isn’t what I’m doing getting the results I want?”

Sometimes it may feel like being caught between a rock and a hard place! You may lack energy. You worry about having to work full-time. You’re struggling to get that first position.

You are definitely hoping for more progress.

Why job hunting alone may not work
  • Classes rarely provide career launch and business start-up skills
  • Career services office was not enough
  • You couldn’t get that internship because you didn’t get hired

Setbacks happen. We all recognize that we can learn from them. But when roadblocks come up, each one of us can use support, guidance, and encouragement to persist.

Let’s team up

We keep you on course and increase your sense of career satisfaction. When you achieve your goals, we celebrate.

I focus on transferring the skills to you, so that you can use those skills for each new phase of your career.

Let’s chat on the phone about working together!